Data Warehousing:

For your Data warehousing requirements we use Business Objects Data Integrator which is a scalable data integration platform. With it, developers can easily explore, extract, transform, and deliver data anywhere, at any frequency through a single, graphical design environment. Data Integrator lets your organization ensure data integrity, maximize developer productivity, and accelerate reporting, query and analysis, and performance management projects.

Data Integrator consists of four primary components:

A graphical designer
A web-based administrator
A data server
A metadata repository

Data Integrator Designer is the single tool that provides a graphical interface for performing all the tasks involved with building, testing, and managing an ETL job. Through its easy-to-use graphical interface, you can manage projects; profile data; create ETL jobs; cleanse, validate, and audit data; set parallel job execution; build workflows; and test, debug, and monitor your ETL jobs. The web-based administrator allows you to start, stop, schedule, and monitor ETL jobs independent from the design environment.

The Data Integrator data server is the data movement engine that integrates data from multiple heterogeneous sources, performs complex data transformations, and manages extractions and transactions from ERP systems.

The Data Integrator metadata repository holds user-created and predefined system objects, source and target metadata, and transformation rules. It is set up on an open client/server platform to facilitate the sharing of metadata with other enterprise tools. When using Data Integrator with the Business Objects BI platform, you have complete metadata integration between your BI tools and the ETL environment. This shared metadata provides advantages such as end-to-end impact analysis and data lineage, a key requirement for delivering trusted information.

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