Enterprise Reporting:

Within an organization, different user segments have different BI needs. The nature of the questions being asked typically dictates whether a reporting solution is best. When questions are predefined and the structure of the answers is known, an enterprise reporting solution is ideal. In this case, the majority of users are consumers of information who seek to receive operational snapshots of business activity.

With our enterprise reporting solutions we can help you create reports that answer the most regularly asked questions and distribute them to hundreds or thousands of users. Examples of these include account statements, invoices, regulatory reports, and standard internal reports. With our solutions, these reports are also ideal for sharing with suppliers, partners, and customers outside the organization.

We can build interactivity capabilities into your reports. For example, your business requirement may include drill-down guided navigation on information from one area of the business to another. With our solutions, you can deliver your reports via multiple channels such as web, email, Excel, or paper with a robust security framework.

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