Actionable Dashboards:

Transform your data into Actionable Dashboards that enable everyone in the organization to improve their decision making by having accurate visibility of their business. Empower decision-makers with tools to monitor business metrics, identify critical data relationships, and use what-if scenarios to uncover potential improvements in the organization performance.

Our Dashboard solutions allow users to view company data in an easy-to-understand format. Interactive sliders enable you to perform extemporaneous what-if analysis by adjusting the underlying data and immediately seeing the impact of your decisions. Alerting and trending allow you to easily spot trends, patterns, and areas for concern. Plus, other advanced visual components, such as gauges and drill-down charts, allow even the least technically savvy user to be a data analysis hero. Best of all, your dashboards can be connected “live”, so you can be confident you’re making decisions based on accurate data – whenever or wherever you view them.

Business users can easily interact with our Dashboards solutions through MS Power Point, Adobe PDF, AIR, SWF and the Web.

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