Data Analysis:

If your business requirements consist of query and analysis capabilities for end users to autonomously answer questions as they think of them, our Data Analysis solutions will help you. Our solutions are ideal for data analysts and other business users who need self-service information access with moderate to high amounts of interactivity.

Unlike reporting needs, where the scope of information delivery and interactivity is typically around the scope of data contained within a given report, our data analysis solutions open exploration to the entire data management system. This can potentially include terabytes of data stored in a centralized data warehouse, data marts, or a multidimensional OLAP server.

This end user-driven, ad hoc experience typically involves iterative, spontaneous, and trend based analysis. Iterative analysis means users can ask a question, answer it, and ask subsequent questions. Spontaneous analysis involves no previous planning of potential questions or how a user might derive them. Iterative, spontaneous exploration may begin with market segment analysis that investigates product revenue, then leads to sales regions, drills-down to customer marital status, and finally examines customer gender. Trend-based analysis allows users to investigate historical data and track performance over time.

An elevated level of interactivity requires users to have an easy-to-use BI tool that allows them to dynamically build queries, apply advanced filters, sort, slice, and dice through data, drill down, find exceptions, and create calculations. Behind the powerful, intuitive BI tool that users work with, there must be a sophisticated metadata layer shielding users from the data source complexities. This metadata, or “semantic layer”, empowers users to autonomously access and combine data from multiple sources, while exploiting the full analytical power of the database server.

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